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Polymer has the technolgy and equipment to handle your needs. Here is a partial list of our equipment.

Material handling

Polymer Machines
  • Two silos with capacities of 90,000 and 120,000 lbs.
  • Central material conveying; multiple lines per machine reduce changeover time and contamination
  • Central dehumidified drying with individual hopper heaters reduce energy consumption
  • JIT hoppers on each molding machine
  • Batch material reclaiming with lot number control

Secondary operations

  • 8 station CNC router
  • Dukane ultrasonic welders
  • Various milling and drilling machines
  • Assembly/secondary operations fixtures built in house.


Materials Lab

  • Chip and test bar molds
  • 2 Kayeness plastometers
  • Falling dart impact
  • Light box
  • Color measurement
  • Flame booth
  • Heated platen press
  • High temp oven

Dimensional Lab

  • Jones & Lamson Epic 114 Comparator
  • Hemel Checkmaster CMM
  • 36x60 surface plate
  • Toolmakers microscope
  • Full range of plug gages
  • Full range of hand held measuring tools


Polymer Machines
  • 65mm twin screw extruder with side stuffer and Brabender feeders
    4 1/2" single screw extruder
    3 1/2" single screw extruder
    3,000 lb stainless steel ribbon blender
    5,000 lb stainless steel ribbon blender
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