Products Specifications

Maximum recommended wattages PDF Print E-mail
This PDF file details the maximum recommended wattages for lights used with our products.
Download this file (Recommended Maximum Wattage Chart.pdf)Globes Max WattageGlobes: Recommended Wattages34 Kb
Neck Specifications
Click to download a specifications document. Microsoft Excel format.
Download this file (Cube Specs.pdf)Cube Neck SpecificationsNeck specifications for cubes.63 Kb
Download this file (Globe Specs .pdf)Globe Neck SpecificationsNeck specifications for globes.81 Kb
Materials Specifications Sheets

Cyro Acrylite Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) 8N(x)(f1) is the resin used all Polymer acrylic globes:

  • UL Recognized Material under Cyro UL File QMFZ2.E54671
  • UL Outdoor Use Rated “f1”  for UV stabilized material
  • UL Flammability Rating “HB”

Polymer Resources PC UV2D (f1) and PC UV3D (f1) are the resins used for Polymer molded electrical housings:

  • UL Recognized Material under Polymer Resources UL File QMFZ2.E113219
  • UL Outdoor Use Rated “f1”  for UV stabilized material
  • UL Flammability Rating “V-2”
Underwriters Laboratory
All plastic resin, electrical components and wiring components used in our products are all either listed or recognized components with Underwriters Laboratory.
Photometric Reports
Click the description to view the report.
Download this file (Glass Acorn Photometric.pdf)Glass Acorn PhotometricPhotometric report for Polymer glass acorn. PDF format.897 Kb
Download this file (L3 Photometric.pdf)L3 PhotometricPhotometrics report for L3 refractor. PDF format.953 Kb
Download this file (L5 Photometrics.pdf)L5 PhotometricPhotometrics report for L5 refractor. PDF format.844 Kb
Download this file (S5 Photometrics.pdf)S5 PhotometricsPhotometrics report for S5 refractor. PDF format.904 Kb
Refractor Drawings

Click to download a refractor drawing.

Download this file (Acorn Base Drawing.pdf)Acorn Base DrawingTechnical drawing of base of Acorn refractor839 Kb
Download this file (Acorn Top Drawing.pdf)Acorn Top DrawingTechnical drawing of top of Acorn refractor839 Kb
Download this file (L3 & L5 Drawing.pdf)L3 & L5 DrawingTechnical drawing of L3 & L5 refractors828 Kb
Download this file (S5 Drawing.pdf)S5 DrawingTechnical drawing of S5 refractor603 Kb

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