Customer Service Terms & Conditions


The sale of products and services is subject to the following terms and conditions, and to any additional terms and conditions (not in conflict with the following terms and conditions) to which Polymer Products, LLC expressly agrees in writing. Polymer Products, LLC specifically objects to, and rejects, any contrary terms and conditions contained in any purchase order for products and services. No acknowledgement of a purchase order waives the following terms and conditions, unless signed by an Executive Officer of Polymer Products, LLC. The provisions of this selection and the following terms and conditions shall constitute a part of any contract for the sale of products and services.

Delivery and Risk of Loss

All domestic deliveries are F.O.B. Rochester, NY, or from which products are shipped. All international deliveries are ex-works, Rochester, NY, U.S.A., or from which products are shipped.All risk of damage to, or loss or destruction of, products passes to customer upon such delivery. Delivery of products may be in a single delivery or in installments.

Pricing and Terms

All prices are in U.S. Dollars and are F.O.B., domestic deliveries, or ex-works, international deliveries, place of shipment, no freight allowed. Terms are CIA unless written credit terms, net 30 days, are established between Polymer Products, LLC and customer. Polymer Products, LLC will exercise reasonable efforts to provide customers with notice of revisions to its products pricing. Prices quoted on customer products are open of 30 days from the quotation date and are based on estimated quantities, cycle time, part weight, machine and material requirements, and other factors, and are subject to adjustment.


Products ordered in error may be returned, at customer's expense, within ninety (90) days of delivery for credit, less 20% restocking charge. Products which are nonconforming, or which are shipped in error by Polymer Products, LLC may be returned within thirty (30) days of delivery for full credit or replacement, at customer's options, normal freight allowed. Polymer Products, LLC shall have no liability for products damaged in shipment. No product shall be return without prior written authorization and all returns require a return authorization number, which must be included on all shipping paperwork.

Wattage Warning

Polymer Products offers recommended maximum wattage for its polycarbonate and acrylic products. Please be aware that no warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied as only the user can determine product suitability for a specific purpose. Actual wattage ratings are influenced by many factors including fixture type, bulb location and ambient temperature. The center of the light source should be located at the center of the globe. CUSTOMERS SHOULD CONDUCT THEIR OWN MAXIMUM WATTAGE TESTS ON EACH APPLICATION AND DETERMINE THEIR OWN MAXIMUM WATTAGE.

Please note that HID includes Mercury vapor, metal halide and high-pressure sodium. Installation of a heat shield in a sphere will allow an increase of 50 watts in the light source beyond the recommended wattage.

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